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November 3, 2011

Summary of the Closing Statements in The Prosecutor v. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo

By Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice

Dear Readers, The following commentary first ran in Legal Eye on the ICC, a regular e-letter produced by the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, an international women’s human rights organisation that advocates for gender justice through the International Criminal Court (ICC) and works with women most affected by the conflict situations under investigation by the…

April 14, 2011

Two Witnesses Testify For Defense; Judge Lectures Prosecution For Not Keeping Court Witness in The Hague

By Judith Armatta

Pierre Zuto Munji This morning the prosecution concluded cross-examining Pierre Zuto Munji, private secretary to Commander Bosco Ntaganda, at the war crimes trial of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo. Prosecutor Manoj Sachdeva returned to the issue of UN complaints to the Union of Congolese Patriots (UPC) about the use of child soldiers in the Force for the…

April 13, 2011

Bosco Ntaganda Secretary Testifies

By Judith Armatta

War crimes accused Thomas Lubanga’s defense today called Pierre Zuto Munji, who served as the private secretary to Bosco Ntaganda, the alleged deputy chief of staff of the Patriotic Force for the Liberation of Congo (FPLC). Mr. Ntaganda faces the same charges as Mr. Lubanga before the International Criminal Court (ICC), namely committing war crimes…

April 12, 2011

Village Fighters Included Children Under 15

By Judith Armatta

Trial resumed today with the continued cross-examination of Thomas Lubanga’s private secretary, Michel Angayika Baba. The prosecutor was unable to get a concession from the witness that children under the age of 15 were used in the Union of Congolese Patriots (UPC) and its armed wing, the Patriotic Force for the Liberation of Congo (FPLC).…

April 7, 2011

Lubanga Complains About Prosecution’s Late Disclosure Of Documents

By Wairagala Wakabi

Today, Thomas Lubanga’s defense complained to International Criminal Court (ICC) judges that prosecutors were not honoring their disclosure obligations regarding certain documents in their possession, which they planned to use against the accused. Specifically, defense lawyer Jean-Marie Biju-Duval pointed out that the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) yesterday disclosed to the defense three documents that…

April 6, 2011

UPC Decrees Demobilization of Child Soldiers But Seeks More

By Judith Armatta

On the fourth day of cross-examination in Thomas Lubanga’s trial, the prosecutor repeatedly and unsuccessfully pressed defense witness Bede Djokaba Lambi Longa to admit children were used as body guards for commanders in the army of the Union of Congolese Patriots (UPC), contrary to his evidence in chief. Mr. Longa would only agree that a…

February 23, 2011

Lubanga Trial to Resume After Judges Reject Defense Call For Dismissal

By Wairagala Wakabi

Thomas Lubanga’s war crimes trial is set to resume after judges rejected a defense application, which sought the dismissal of the first case to be tried by the International Criminal Court (ICC).  Mr. Lubanga’s lawyers last December asked judges to throw out the case, claiming that the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) had abused court process…

November 22, 2010

Public Testimony Resumes With Prosecution Investigator

By Judith Armatta

Public testimony resumed today in the trial of Thomas Lubanga at the International Criminal Court (ICC) after a week of closed sessions to take the testimony of ‘witness 582,’ an investigator for the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP), by deposition. Another OTP investigator, Nicolas Sebire, also known as ‘witness 583,’ testified based on his written…

November 12, 2010

Intermediary Denies Bribing Witness

By Wairagala Wakabi

An intermediary of the prosecution office at the International Criminal Court (ICC) has denied that he bribed an individual to falsely claim to investigators that he had served as a child soldier in the group Thomas Lubanga allegedly commanded. In his testimony, which lasted five days this week, the intermediary also claimed that he did…

November 4, 2010

Prosecution’s Planned Rebuttal Witness Declines To Testify

By Wairagala Wakabi

Today, the judges of the Thomas Lubanga trial heard that an individual the prosecution planned to call as a rebuttal witness will not be taking the witness stand. This individual has stated in interviews with prosecution officials that he was a former child soldier in the Union of Congolese Patriots (UPC), the group Mr. Lubanga is…